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Wales for newbies

So, since I have been busy writing about Wales this week, I thought it would be nice to share about some resources for those who might be interested. Wales is often overlooked when folks are visiting the UK. It is such a beautiful and wonderful spot, and I would highly recommend it for any traveler.

I would also point out that Wales is a very affordable place in Europe to travel. You will be able to see such amazing sights at a very frugal price. It was also such a wonderful place for a student to live. There are many fine university towns (Cardiff, Bangor, Swansea, Aberystwyth, etc. for students to live and study.)

Many people have also expressed to me that they had NO idea there was another language spoken in Wales. Wales is a bilingual society *all signs, menus etc are in both languages, which is super cool for a learner. Welsh is like NO other lanuguage I have EVER heard. I thought it might be nice to show a video of ME that is very old talking about learning Welsh! In the video below, we were featured by a local website and interviewed for our part in learning to speak the Welsh language.

If you are interested in learning more about the Welsh language, check out these websites: I would be more than happy to answer any questions as well. Just email or message me! Madog (Welsh society for North America) language study at the university of Cardiff in Wales

S4C-Welsh language TV channel has a new service for learners!

Welsh resources (books for travel, cultural study etc)

  1. Lonely Planet Wales guide-these are always so helpful when planning a trip

  2. History of Wales-this is FASCINATING...if you are into kings, queens, dragon and legends, you will love this!

  3. driving book for Wales-Wales is pretty rural. You would want to be brave and rent a car if you travel there so you can really see the sights! ;) You might get lost on a windy road, but you won't regret the views and stunning scenery.

  4. Welsh language book for beginners-ESSENTIAL! Welsh is meant to be spoken and the Welsh people are so helpful and receptive to learners.

  5. Welsh legends-if you want to know the people, know their myths and stories!

  6. Welsh Bed & Breakfast book-as mentioned, Wales is rural. You will love seeing the countryside and staying in the most quaint, lovely spots.

  7. music-the Welsh are the most musical people. Music/choirs are so important to the Welsh culture. The male voice choirs will give you chills! Try out this cd!

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