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Couples' Trip to Las Vegas

We just returned from a really fun week out in Las Vegas. It was my first time there, and I was overall really impressed. We had a lot of fun. Anytime I go anywhere for the first time, I try to make sure I document my thoughts. Seeing things with fresh eyes is important. If you are considering a trip to Vegas, I encourage you to do your research, see what is a priority to you when you travel (i.e. food and drink, lodging, what type of gambling you might like, entertainment budget etc). Vegas isn't a cheap place, but I felt like we did it as affordably as possible.

Bellagio at night

Long story short, we booked this trip back in January when prices were SLASHED. We ended up paying around $200 a night (our usual budget limit for lodging) for a King-size bed fountain view room. What a steal! We have stayed at Hampton Inns on the side of the highway for more than this. We were very impressed with the Bellagio and our room. If you have ever seen Ocean's 11, this is the "fountain hotel" in the movie. It is considered a luxury resort, and we absolutely loved it.

Here is a look at our room:

Fountain view of the city from our window

We were impressed with how spacious, clean, and comfortable our room was. The rooms had recently been refurbished, and I loved the calming blue aesthetic.

Bed was very comfy.

Walk-in closet?! YES!

LOVED the bathroom.

I would definitely recommend this resort. They offer mobile check in, all the amenities, and over 30 places to eat just inside of the building. You are also in a great location to explore the strip. In fact, we only used Uber to get to and from the airport (spending about $50 round trip for that). Once we were settled in, we walked everywhere else we wanted to go. We felt so safe and secure in the casino and pool areas where key cards are required for entry, and we loved seeing the Cirque du Soleil aquatic show "O" right in the comfort of our resort. It was incredible.

Enjoying the casino-where you can get free drinks!

beautiful theater at the Bellagio

We also loved the beautiful conservatory at the Bellagio. We spent a lot of time exploring in that area.

From here, I think it would be easiest to break down the highlights of each day of our stay.

Day one: (arrival, Monday)

We used a budget airline that we had a credit from to get out to Vegas. Overall, it was not the best service. We had to wait an hour to get our bags in Vegas, and I was worried we would miss our 6 pm dinner reservation due to the delay. But, things worked out and we got there in time. We really enjoyed eating at Spago, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. We absolutely loved it. It wasn't overly pricey, and the food was amazing. My favorite was a chilled zucchini summer soup served with poached shrimp. I have never had anything like it.

Chuck got weinerschnitzel-German at its best!

the delightful zuchinni soup

salmon and roasted veggies

Day 2, Tuesday

We only booked one nice brunch for the trip, and I am so glad we did! Sadelle's is a NYC based chain offering a luxurious and sumptuous brunch. We loved it. We also enjoyed some casino and pool time on Tuesday. Blackjack was our game of choice and it was easy to stick to our budget. We went next door to Caesar's Palace and loved the shopping there.

fun brunch at Sadelle's

Caesar's Palace Forum shops-huge indoor mall

Day 3, Wednesday

I really enjoyed this day of our trip. We explored more resorts on the strip, and ventured down to M&M World and Hershey World (both of which I loved because I am a big time chocolate person.) On our way back to the Bellagio, we loved a quick cocktail stop at the Primrose Bar at the MGM Park resort, a very cute French style bar.

M&M world! So fun to create your own mix

Hershey World-located at New York New York

Primrose bar-wingback chairs and attention to detail

The major highlight of Wednesday was by far dinner at the Mayfair Supper Club. I have never enjoyed such a complete delight for the senses at this retro style supper club complete with wonderful food, amazing entertainment, and brilliant service. I enjoyed their sushi and sea bass and the mashed potato puree was out of this world.

great live music-instrumental and vocal with such penache!

fountain views from our table

lots of whimsy-including this cotton candy cheesecakeee

loved, loved, loved the Mayfair!

Day 4, Thursday

This was our last full day in Vegas and the biggest highlights were trying the expansive hotel buffet (never seen anything like it) and going to see the Cirque du Soleil show I mentioned earlier in the post. It was also really fun to get dressed up and see live entertainment after such a long dearth during the pandemic. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Prime Steakhouse, an old school steakhouse that was really delicious.

Prime Steakhouse offered a professional picture taking service

Day 5, Friday (departure day)

We left the hotel around 12:30 pm after a morning walk. We took a short Uber over to the airport to catch our flight home.

Overall pros and cons of the trip:


  • COVID protocols were in place (indoor mask mandate), well done, and we saw overall compliance.

  • amazing dining and culinary experiences

  • clean, safe, fun casino at the Bellagio that offered free drinks if you gambled (with giving a small tip to the waitress)

  • fountain show at the resort (could watch from our room with a TV channel on that had the accompanying music.

  • abundance of things to do


  • overall negative experience on discount airline on our departure day

  • there are some very dirty sketchy parts to Vegas; You can limit your exposure to those, but you should be aware that there is an increase in this kind of activity at night, even on the strip.

  • If you are highly sensitive, not a night owl, or an introvert make sure to make time for quiet and rest. Vegas can be highly overstimulating!

  • extreme heat of August-we had 113 degree weather. Thank goodness for the pools and indoor activities! We did try to get any walks we wanted to do done by lunch time due to the extreme heat.

I am so glad we went, but I think it's a place I would be good with visiting every 5 years or so and I definitely wouldn't take kids an would even be hesitant with teens. There is no other place like it, and I am happy I get to check it off my bucket list.

As always, if you have questions about our trip, don't hesitate to send me a message!

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