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Day Date to Stockholm/Pepin, WI

Downtown Stockholm

It has been MONTHS since my last blog entry! I have really missed trip/date reporting. This past year was a whirlwind due to a career change, and I can finally say I have some margin to blog. Hope to get back to more regular posting this year. As always, if you want more day to day content, check out the Fairy Tale Fancy Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Last month, I enjoyed two separate visits to Stockholm and Pepin, WI. The destinations are about an hour from my house. Chuck and I enjoyed a Saturday afternoon day date starting in Pepin at the Villa Bellezza Winery. I truly had no idea how awesome this place would be. We will definitely be returning here. I felt that I had been whisked away to Italy for the afternoon.

Entrance to the winery, tasting room and eatery

The place was really spacious, simple and elegant. We had honestly just grabbing a drink here. We ended up staying for a few hours. The customer service was excellent and we were instantly greeted by a friendly staff member. We figured out where the portico was and headed out there to enjoy the summer weather. We were tickled to discover they offered a full menu to complement their wonderful local wines.

We chose some pasta and a charcuterie tray. Chuck went with a red wine and I went with a white. The white wine was truly WONDERFUL. I love nothing more than a crisp white wine in the summer. Chuck wasn't as sure of his choice at first, but when it was paired with the pasta dish, the flavors really stood out. In the middle of our portico time (which also featured large umbrellas, a big rain storm came so we headed indoors to finish our meal in the indoor seating area which was also lovely and comfortable.

Wine and food menus

Cote du Pepin White

We spent about another half an hour in the indoor seating area enjoying lunch. After that we headed to the tasting room. It was astonished that it only cost a mere $5 for a wine flight tasting of 3 wines. Which actually, we got four because their was a little bit of a wait and a staff member gave us a complementary tasting while we waited. All in all, I think we paid around $65 total for a LOT of yummy food and wine. I would highly recommend this to any couple wanting a fun date without breaking the bank.

They also had a large shop with everything from wine glasses and paraphernalia to chocolates. I would love to come back to my gifts for friends and family as I love supporting local businesses.

Charcuterie board

After we wrapped up at the Winery, we were going to drive back through Pepin. I had been through the town a couple of times and I still need to return because even though it is tiny, it is so cute. There are a lot of unique stores and places to eat.

My husband is a pie connoisseur so of course we had to stop at the Stockholm Pie shop. Walking in here is like going back in time. I absolutely adore the nostalgia.

The shop features a general store, cafe, and the BEST pie you will ever eat.

I have had pie two times here and both were amazing. I went with sour cream and raisin (a Midwestern specialty that is a lot like rum raisin) and chocolate cream. I also ordered the Lake Pepin sandwich and that was SO good. The shop also features a full coffee shop with locally roasted beans. This place is a true small town treasure and slice of real Americana. If you are driving through the area it's a must stop.

sour cream and raisin pie

Lake Pepin sandwich

As always, I am looking for the best stuff that doesn't break the bank. I would say our date out to Stockholm/Pepin was one of the best we have had all year. Ten out of ten, highly recommend.

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