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Stay cation report-April 20th, 2020

Hi friends! How is everybody holding up? I was looking over what I did last week that actually kept me sane. I definitely had my ups and downs which is normal during this time...Here is what really helped me when some days seemed so long. If you wake up everyday feeling like you are just on repeat, I get you. I have found I need just the right balance of structure, freedom, and ways to break up the days where I have things to look forward to.

Here are some things that have really helped lately:

  • bird watching-does it make me sound like a crazy old lady? SURE and I will happily go with it. However, it does bring me so much peace. I ordered some new feeders from Amazon and got some from Fleet Farm. I even bought a bird watching book to help me know what I was looking at. Seeing nature right by window gives me peace and calm.

  • Gardening-now that the weather is really improving, two things are improving invaluable for my mental health-GARDENING and WALKS. Taking a 30 minute walk gives me the chance to clear my brain fog. Being in nature and digging in to clean out the winter mess in the garden gives me a feeling of control and grounding. I also enjoy learning more about the weeds in my backyard. Right now, we have new life already springing up in the garden. It reminds me that things will always be made new and hardship is temporary. I look forward to creating my own new world in that little garden. I just ordered a new bistro table for that spot to enjoy sunny breakfasts or a sunset glass of wine.

knowing our garden will be green again

  • puzzles-I admit, I am not the best at doing puzzles. My brain doesn't really work that way; but, they do help me to stay mentally sharp and I really enjoy doing them with my family as a team. They also calm my brain if I feel anxious. Right now, we love Springbok and Disney puzzles. We even enjoy framing them and displaying our hard work! If you don't want to buy a bunch of puzzles, have a puzzle swap with a friend.

cinnamon rolls-this might seem silly, but this is a weekly tradition we had pre-quarantine. We have done many from scratch recipes and they are great, but right now I just need easy. I have found these frozen ones and they are phenomenal! Makes me feel warm and cozy just thinking about them. They are Rhodes brand and can be found in the freezer section. Minimal effort, great price, maximum taste. I am in.

nature-this is essential and kinda tied with walks, gardening, and bird watching. But now, more than ever I am appreciative that I can get out in nature. The other night, we had a bonfire and sat outside. I felt so free. Also, to break up the days, I need to schedule fun things for the weekend. It helps all of us have fun things to look forward to.

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