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Quarantine Stay-cation Fun

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Hi everyone! Since this is a travel themed blog, you might wonder what in the world should I be covering now that that whole world is on lock down?! With all the craziness going on, I thought I would highlight the most fun things we have done on our forced stay cation. In fact, I have realized just how much I can "see" and "do" while never leaving my comfy armchair!

One of my biggest core beliefs (during quarantine or not) is to look for magic in the mundane. There is MAGIC and JOY everywhere if you keep the right perspective. In fact, being stuck inside and becoming hyper aware of my surroundings makes me want to be creative in my gratitude. So, for the last three weeks I have made myself find things in our home life that can be fulfilling, fun, and just as vital to my well-being as travel has always been.

I wanted to give a run down of what has been getting me through these sometimes LONG days. I am hoping and believing that we WILL travel again and in a month's time, things will look completely different. With each idea, I have linked some products that I have found useful during this time.

1) movement-my trainer is able to give online sessions, which has been immensely helpful, but I quickly discovered I didn't have all the cool tools and props she has in the studio. I quickly decided I needed a new set of dumbbells and resistance bands to get me through my home workouts successfully. I went with these from Amazon...which btw, thank the LORD for Amazon during this time!!! On days that I haven't been working out, I have found it essential to be out in the garden (weather permitting) or definitely a 20-30 minute walk. I love Yoga with Adrienne videos on YouTube as well.

2) Spa Day-It's easy to sit for days on end during quarantine wearing 5 day old sweats and a crusty t shirt. However, I find it is much better for my mental health if I take the time to shower and put on fresh clothes every day. One Friday, I was bored and I thought, hey, I have a Jacuzzi bath tub in my bathroom! I then realized I could create my own spa day for myself.

I put my tablet on this awesome bath stand my husband got me for Valentine's Day ...which I promptly did and watched Tangled on Disney Plus..the story of Rapunzel made me feel hopeful :) It holds a book, a Tablet, AND a wine glass. So, I lit my candles, put on a face mask, and then did my nails. Personally, I love Bath & Body Works candles. Nothing smells better than the Eucalyptus Spearmint stress relief. For a face mask, you cannot beat Rodan & Fields...the one from the Redefine line is SO invigorating. You can find that mask on my R&F store.

3) Reading-I am a big reader year round. Having the time and quietness in the house to read and read is my jam. I love reading all sorts of books, but so far I have really enjoyed these three most during quarantine.

4) home cooking-I like to think of myself as the Ree Drummond of Glenwood City LOL I actually aspire to be as great of a home cook as Nigella Lawson or Ina Garten, but hey, a girl can dream right? Chuck and I are BIG foodies. We love nothing more than going out to eat together. Since that is impossible at the moment, we are shifting our focus even more to home cooking. We have always been home cooks because we live thirty minutes from everything, but it's even more so now. So, the copycat cookbook by Six Sisters (we also do their monthly meal planning service which is LIFE CHANGING) has been hugely helpful in this time. I would highly recommend their blog and Pinterest if you need any sort of recipe inspo. I have really enjoyed baking as well during this time. I have limited myself to a couple of baking recipes a week so I can not be constantly noshing on sweets.

5) trips in our new classic car-Many of you know Chuck and I just bought a 1975 MG Roadster. It is amazing! The weather has been warm enough the last week or so for us to GET OUT! I have loved every minute. We drove it to a nearby town the other day to get takeout and to our family cabin on the lake the other night to fry fish. I regret I didn't take pics that night at the cabin because we had an AWESOME meal! It was so nice to get fresh air, have a change of scenery, and spend time together in this new tool for adventure. Even if we really weren't going somewhere, it helped me not feel like a caged bird.

Enjoy some pics below of our everyday magic <3

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