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FTF Easter Wrap-up

I thought I could fit all our Easter fun into one post, but it was just too much! This made me realize that again, I have SO much to be grateful for right now. We have a pantry full of food, shelves filled with books, all the fun subscription services to watch shows, movies and documentaries. We own multiple phones, laptops, etc which provide all of us connection and entertainment...and education! I will be so thankful when the world goes back to some sense of normalcy; however, I am so thankful for all the beauty that this "great pause" has given our little family.

During a holiday week, we tried to keep up the same traditions and add some extra special flair (like wearing our Easter outfits even just in the house) and having a fancy brunch. This year for brunch, we decided to forego the usual ham dinner. I love having that tradition with our extended family, but since it was just us, we wanted something different.

I took it as a great opportunity to try some new recipes from Pinterest. Since the beginning, I have LOVED that site. It is one of my favorites. But, for those of you who are also avid Pinterest users, you know that sometimes you can have "pinstrocities" or epic fails. I was pleased that was not the case for Easter brunch this year! Our family enjoyed making and trying new things. I wanted the feeling that I had been out to a nice Easter brunch at a classy restaurant or hotel, something I really enjoy doing. I think that was achieved.

Our menu:

  • mimosas (we used classic OJ and Prosecco)

  • croque monsieur sandwiches-every time I have been to France, this is one of my favorite things. It is simple, but so good. All you need is good quality white bread, butter, ham, some good Swiss or Gruyere cheese, Dijon mustard. We toasted the bread--then added the mustard, cheese, and ham (a frozen ham that I had heated up in the crock pot). Then, we made a simple Parmesan cheese roux that we covered the sandwiches with. Heat 'em up, and Voila! Delicious breakfast sandwiches

  • bacon

  • hash browns-shoestring kind per kids request :)

  • Fruit and pastry cream trifles-I had never made pastry seemed intimidating. Actually, all it was is a simple vanilla custard (first boiled on the stove and then chilled overnight). It made a delicious dessert. We used blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries to build our trifle along with frozen pound cake. Of course you could make pound cake from scratch, but I was all about the short cut for the holiday. They were so pretty and yummy!

As far as Easter Sunday activities, we enjoyed a home Easter service by our fire on our snowy morning. It was nice to have the intimacy of everyone worshiping and reading the Easter story together. After our house church, we went through Easter baskets together. One of my GREAT joys is assembling Easter baskets. I love the treasure hunt and finding the best things for each person. As opposed to stockings, I love that Easter baskets can be assembled beautifully with everything displayed as opposed to stuffed at the bottom of a sock. :S

As the kids have gotten older, I love finding things for their age group and personality types. Chuck made me a WONDERFUL basket too! I did make him one, but I forgot to get a pic. My basket included cheese curds AND chocolate :)

After enjoying brunch, we had a family egg hunt. Again, even more so this year, we felt it important to stick to traditions. Because of the blizzard, our egg hunt had to be indoors. The kids had a great time finding the 83 eggs (that I found collecting dust in the back of the closet) upstairs and down!

I love holidays, and I am sad that we don't really have another one coming up until the 4th of July. With all the unknowns, I am clinging to the fact that I can choose to create joy in my home.

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