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Family Frugal Fun-Easter activities

This was definitely an Easter for the books! Between quarantine and a crazy spring blizzard, we will NEVER forget the Easter of 2020. My stepkids, husband, and I had SO much fun! As usual, I was looking for ways to make memories that were fun and frugal. Since I have been in the house so much, I have had plenty of time to take inventory of all the stuff we have around here that makes for perfect activities (i.e. baking mixes, old plastic Easter eggs in the back closet, that extra thing of .64 Aldi eggs that would be perfect for egg dying, etc)

We started celebrating Easter last Thursday with muddy buddies and cupcakes! I was excited to try a new recipe from Six Sisters. I LOVE this blog! We made the decision to join their meal planning service this year, and I have thanked myself over and over for this! It has absolutely saved my sanity. My stepdaughter and I enjoyed making and eating this play on an old family favorite--Muddy Buddies AKA Puppy chow.

We then went on to CUPCAKES. This has become a tradition that I LOVE with my stepdaughter. She is very talented and creative with baking. Each holiday, we like making cupcakes. I love to see what she comes up with! We found a baking mix in the pantry that we bought awhile ago from TJ Maxx (literally less than $5) and had fun making some colorful fun cupcakes that brightened all our days. While the cupcakes were from a mix, I made from scratch icing...with an old orange in our fridge that needed to be used. The orange zest and juice gave the buttercream the most delightful flavor paired with the rich chocolate cake.

Good Friday night, we rented Trolls 2 on Amazon. It was $20...but considering that it would've cost us WAY more to go to the movies and get snacks..what a steal! It was fun to sit together and laugh at trolls, much needed levity in this highly charged time.

Trolls egg in my basket :)

Saturday morning we dyed eggs. I have done this the past few years with my step kids, and it doesn't matter that they are all teens and tweens now, they still enjoy doing it. The old standard PAAS classic kit is the way to go! My husband got to join us, and he realized he had never put the dye together before by mixing the vinegar, water, and dye tablets. It was fun, and the eggs turned out really well. We used regular crayons to make designs etc on the eggs.

Top 3 eggs: 1) my stepson's "bruh" egg 2) eldest stepdaughter's "globe" egg 3) youngest stepdaughter's egg that she wanted to be black but turned out that dark red. I love setting our eggs out on my great grandmother's vintage egg plate every year.

Coming up next...Easter Sunday celebrations and brunch.

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