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Fall Trip plan-Bayfield, WI

Each year, I love booking a fall trip. It was a tradition that my parents started when I was a kid. Fall is my favorite season, and I love going to a beautiful spot to enjoy the foliage, fall festivities, and treats. In the past, my family traveled to Virginia, North Carolina, and northern Georgia. In the more recent past, my blended family has ventured to Great Wolf Lodge (Twin Cities) and the Wisconsin Dells.

This year, we chose a spot that is very special to my husband and I--Bayfield, WI. It is where we got engaged in 2017. If you aren't familiar with this part of Wisconsin, you should be! :) It is SO lovely. Nestled right on the shores of Lake Superior, this area is so full of beauty and charm. Bayfield itself is an adorable little town with quaint homes, shops, and eateries. It truly has that old world resort style of charm. It is also adjacent to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore--an area so stunning and full of natural beauty.

We decided it would be nice to go back there again this year for a fall trip. Since we are still dealing with COVID, I thought I would try something new (at least for me) by booking a house with Airbnb. I consider myself an experienced traveler, and I have stayed in various accommodations--bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, etc. I was always a little nervous about booking a home through this website for some reason. However, I have seen so many amazing looking homes and vacations online where people have used this site. I also think that the site has come a long way. You aren't just sleeping on someone's couch now LOL

As I perused the site, I discovered the perfect fit, a little cottage tucked right by the lake and to Bayfield. See the screenshot below to see the adorable cottage and the map location. We figured renting a house would be the safest bet. We can bring food or buy takeout if we don't feel safe dining out. We can clean additionally if needed. We can enjoy the great fall outdoors in a new spot. We will have space to spread out and enjoy a change of pace.

As far as activities we hope to enjoy while we are there (other than resting, reading, relaxing, etc)...we hope to explore....

  • the beautiful nearby orchards-picking apples is so fun (and COVID safe! We also love to use them in baking all fall, They save wonderfully in the fridge).

  • Last time we visited, we did the boat tour of the Apostle Islands which was really cool; however we didn't visit Madeline Island, the largest of the islands which you can visit by ferry. We hope to do that this round.

  • visit a local winery-we did this last time and loved it.

  • shop-so many cute little local shops :)

  • dining-again, we may just do take out, but I will also investigate which eateries are following the safest protocols at this time. I just did a quick check under the Bayfield Chamber website of "family dining" options and it looks like there are lots! Looking forward to trying some.

  • Fall is the perfect time to cozy up to a hot beverage. I also enjoy trying out new coffee shops when visiting places on trips. I look forward to trying Cafe Coco this round. Also, when traveling with kids, I find it more frugal to do a light breakfast. Most days, a pastry or bagel with a drink is just fine for a starting meal.

  • Grocery store-I did a quick Google check and it looks like there are grocery options in town. We may also pack snacks and breakfast items just to enjoy more leisurely mornings at our cottage. That would also be another great money saving option.

  • In general, our family likes to visit museums. It looks like many museums in this area are only open through mid September. But, The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center might be an option for us to learn more about this stunning area of the world with films, an observation deck, etc.

All in all, I am really excited to travel to Bayfield in about a month and have a relaxing, refreshing, weekend reboot soaking in the fall ambience.

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