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Cookie Butter Monkey Bread Sundae-Disneyland copycat

We have now been trying our "sundaes on Sunday" tradition for a little over a month. I am one who has always struggled with the "Sunday Blues," and this tradition does help me have something to look forward to on Sunday nights. It is also a fun family bonding tradition. This week's sundae came from the beloved Picky Palate Blog. It is a copycat recipe from River Belle terrace in Disneyland, a place I have never visited but dream of visiting!

This week's recipe was a cookie butter sundae with MONKEY BREAD base! What's not to love here? I am a HUGE fan of the cinnamon sugar flavor palate, so this hit all the right notes for me. Three out of five members of our family said this was by far their favorite sundae so far.

May be one of the best things I've eaten in my life! It was very simple.

To start, I realized I needed to order a couple things from Amazon...

  • Biscoff cookies-yes, like the ones you get on airplanes, that are full of cinnamon GOODNESS.

  • Cookie Butter-I LOVE this stuff. My family had never tried it and I was like, "WHAT?!?!?!?" It is so good on so many things. For this recipe, all we had to do was melt a cup of it to pour on our sundaes and it was divine.

Once I had those ingredients, all I needed was vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar (I like the one from Penzey's spices) and the ingredients to make Monkey bread...which is basically butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (I like the Ceylon style cinnamon because it is stronger), and Rhodes frozen dinner rolls. Dang, I love a good shortcut. You can click the link above to read the full recipe from Picky Palate, but here are the highlights.

Mixing brown sugar and cinnamon

Once the dinner rolls were thawed, we dipped them in melted butter, rolled them in the cinnamon sugar, and put three little dough balls in our muffin tin.

We put the yummy monkey bread dough into a warm oven covered with cling film so it would rise nicely.

I love Williams & Sonoma's gold touch line for baking. No other bake ware bakes better!

Very nice rise!

After the dough had risen, we baked in the oven. We had extra which made for a yummy breakfast treat! When we made the sundaes later, I just warmed up the monkey bread base, scooped the vanilla ice cream on top, and then poured the melted cookie butter over as a sauce. YUMMMMMM

See the original dessert below:

And see ours once more:

Pretty darn close! These were SO good. We will definitely make them again!

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