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Date night review-Lindey's Steakhouse, Minneapolis, MN

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I am huge fan of 1) steak 2) dark, cozy, and retro style eating establishments....SO, for my birthday this year, I decided I would try a place that met all of those requirements. Enter, Lindey's Prime Steakhouse, a Minneapolis institution. This 60 year old restaurant has been around for decades and has been awarded countless "best steak" awards. Over the summer, I had purchased a Groupon for Lindey's, but waited to use it due to COVID. This particular steal was paying $35 for a $50 voucher to use in the restaurant.

I am glad we waited to use it for my birthday celebration meal because it really is a special place. Before we went, I looked at the menu online. I was intrigued because the menu only featured 3 steaks that did not differ greatly in price. I realized I had never visited an eatery with so few options, but it this place had been around since the 50s, they were probably doing something right. We drove to Lindey's last Saturday night and I was so excited to check it out.

yucky weather, great night!

As soon as we walked in the door, I felt at home. It was everything I hoped for, dark, cozy, retro, and fun. Most of my pictures from the night turned out a bit dark, BUT I love the hygge vibe, so I am not complaining. I was impressed with their COVID protocols. They are only seating to half capacity, we had to book in advance, and we were very well socially distanced. Everyone on staff was masked, and we were required to wear masks until eating which I am fine with. Our first stop of the night was ordering a drink. As we waited for our orders, I loved seeing the wood paneling, lantern lighting, and stone fireplace. Wood paneling gets such a bad rap, but shiplap doesn't...I don't get it?! :D I want a total wood paneled room in the future.

really yummy old-fashioned!

As we enjoyed our drinks, the waiter approached us with Lindey's menu-not one that you hold in your hands, but a large sign that is set up by the table. I think this is how they have always done things, even pre-Covid. They keep things simple and specialize in doing a few menu items VERY well.

You can see the choices above. We went with the special sirloin, and the waiter explained that the difference is basically in the cut of meat. The special is just a higher quality cut. The prime chopped is basically a giant burger patty. I loved that all sides were family style and unlimited. You really get bang for your buck.

First course was this little house salad with wonderful homemade Thousand Island dressing. The garlic bread was also very tasty.

After the salad and bread, we got the meat. I had no idea that would entail two staff members rolling it out on a cart, carving it table side, and then placing it on piping hot skillets to finish cooking. It was really fun, and we got so much steak! My hubby and I both like our steak medium rare, but you can get your steak as done as you like.

After we got our meat, they brought out our side, unlimited hash browns. These are a specialty item and a secret recipe at Lindey's. THEY WERE GOOD! I still can't figure out all the flavors that I was tasting when I was eating these, but I loved them. The picture below doesn't do them justice at all, but the outside crusty layer was to die for.

Once we finished eating, we were way too stuffed to eat dessert. Lindey's does offer a cheesecake, which I am sure is great, but we couldn't hold any more food and even took two boxes home!

I do love getting great quality stuff/experiences for great prices, and Lindey's doesn't disappoint in this realm either! You can see our total for the meal below (after using the $50 Groupon voucher) and MAN what a steal. We got SO much food for such a great price, and the service was great too.

So, we paid around $40 for this meal, after using our Groupon purchased this summer for $35, and left STUFFED! I would definitely recommend Lindey's for a date night, special occasion celebration, or just a fun night out. We can't wait to return, and I know understand why this legendary place has been around since 1958.

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