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Date night review-517 on Main (Hudson, WI)

Last Friday evening, we made the short commute over to downtown Hudson, WI. This is one of our favorite areas to travel to. It is so quaint and fun. We celebrated our third anniversary last week. I think another year of marriage successfully completed always deserves celebration. How we celebrate? By eating of course. I had asked around to friends at work about any suggestions for new eateries and this one, 517 on Main, came up. It was described as "Hudson's Supper Club." Now, y'all know my affinity for super clubs, the BEST Wisconsin eating tradition in my opinion.

We perused the menu, and it looked just up our alley. It also looked great for special occasion dining. They had everything from steaks to seafood, and I was able to easily make an online reservation (essential for COVID travel and dining out when things are at reduced capacity.) From start to finish, this was a delightful dining experience.

We were treated wonderfully by the staff. They were so hospitable and attentive. I was immediately impressed with how atmospheric and cozy the dining room was. The walls were adorned with old photographs of Hudson blown up to cover the whole wall. I loved it. I could also see COVID protocols were being taking seriously and I felt extremely safe.

Our waitress was friendly and immediately asked if we were celebrating anything. We told her we were celebrating our anniversary and staff made us feel special the whole time. We started with ordering drinks. They have a HUGE drinks menu here, but being a supper club place, we had to sample the classic old-fashioned cocktail. They also brought us a delicious bread/honey butter and relish tray. Old school, but presented in a modern way.

drinks menu

I got the bourbon and my hubby got the brandy old-fashioned. They did NOT disappoint! SO lovely.

relish and bread tray

We then decided on dinner. We are big steak eaters, and we especially love steak when we are celebrating.

dinner menu-SO good

For the price, we got a LOT of food with our entree choice. We got choice of veggie and potato, as well as soup/salad. You could also had custom steak toppings to your beef. I went with Gorgonzola cheese, and it was fabulous.

You can see my house salad below. Dressing and croutons were homemade and so tasty!

Hubby went with a lobster bisque. It was SO good. I would highly recommend this soup.

My husband and I each got a different type of steak (filet for me and New York strip for hubs). We both chose the "dirty" mashed potatoes with our steak (they were kind of like a hash brown potato bake with bacon). As you can see portions were ample!

NY strip steak

filet with gorgonzola

Our entire meal, the service was outstanding. Our table was cleared often, and the staff were so attentive. As we finished up our delicious meal, our waitress surprised us and said the restaurant would like to treat us to a free dessert because were celebrating. I am always impressed with generous hospitality. There were many tasty sounding desserts to choose from, but we went with the unique lemon bread pudding. I have no regrets! :)

lemon bread pudding

I LOVE bread puddings. I had never had one with citrus inspired flavors, and I LOVED it! So warm and satisfying. All in all, we left the restaurant saying we would return in the near future. I would highly recommend 517 on Main for a date or special occasion dinner. They made our evening effortlessly relaxed and fun. I am so happy to see more and more wonderful eateries coming to downtown Hudson.

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