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Connell's Supper club- date night review

It is SO good to be going out on date nights again! It brings me such joy. I do hope that things keep improving and by this time next year, we are all settled into a more normal existence. At a minimum, my husband and I go on a date once a month. If it ends up being more than that, even better. :)

This weekend, we ventured out to Chippewa to Connell's Supper Club. It was a beautiful night, and the sunny one hour drive gave us plenty of time to connect over conversation. My husband and I love the retro laid back yet nice (i.e. beautiful bars and cocktails, table cloths, nightly specials, etc) feeling of a supper club. The rustic look, the low ceilings and scenic views fill up my tank. I also like the traditional aspect of the menus. I have always been an old soul, and I just love anything with a vintage, retro vibe.

I have mentioned this book before, but I would recommend it again if you have no clue what a supper club is. We also just Google search regularly to see what is nearby and add places to our list. At the back of the book, the author gives a great list of supper clubs by region of WI. We have only marked one off our region, so we have LOTS more to try!

Part of the fun of date night for us is adventuring to new towns and places that we have never been before. My husband and I love the feeling of exploring and looking into our curious sides. It helps us connect in new ways.

As we pulled into Connell's, I immediately loved the vintage look of the exterior.

Anything with a 1960s Mad Men vibe and I am game. As we entered the doors, I was pleased to look around and see the old beams of the low ceilings, the big welcoming bar, and the dining room (very nicely spaced out for social distancing). We were seated almost immediately and I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and our waitress--all extremely hospitable and welcoming.

My husband and I are HUGE old fashioned fans...this is THE cocktail of Wisconsin, filled with sweet cherry infused brandy goodness. We like to try them at EVERY supper club we go to. This one did NOT disappoint! I LOVED IT!

We asked our waitress which appetizer she recommended and she suggested the in house made cheese curds (another Wisconsin delicacy.) These were also PHENOMENAL and I enjoyed nibbling on them while we perused the menu.

JUST like the fresh ones from the fair

Big portions, good quality, reasonable prices

There were lots of yummy entrees to choose from, and again, another reason I love supper clubs is the value. You get LOTS of food that is delish for very affordable prices.

I went with the prime rib and my hubby went with surf and turf (steak and fried jumbo shrimp.) With each entree you got bread, a salad or soup, your potato of choice (We opted for these yummy GIANT baked potatoes served with herbed sour cream), and a relish tray...SO retro and fun!

relish tray with CHEESE SPREAD. I am in.

prime rib

Surf & Turf-those shrimp are beauties!

We would highly recommend this stop if you are in the Chippewa Area! Great food, great service and prices. We will definitely return. Cheers to summer y'all!

call him "old-fashioned"

date night selfie shenanigans per usual

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