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Top 5 Travel Essentials: Domestic Travel

Hi guys! As I start out with anything new...what is my method?! LISTS. I live for lists. You can ask my husband, my lists have sub-lists. It just helps me keep track of things and not get overwhelmed.

As I launch this new online platform, AND prepare for my FIRST blogged trip in a couple weeks, I am making lots of lists. Next month, I will reveal our mystery travel destination. As I prep and make reservations for that upcoming trip, I wanted to ask myself what are my top 5 travel essentials for DOMESTIC travel...I guess that does give away one hint...we are going somewhere in the States ;)

Check it out below...and there are links to all ideas if you want to try for yourself!

1) Perfect luggage, specifically a good rolling carry-on. It needs to be light, but it needs to hold a lot. I am a big shopper and a big toiletry me some makeup, bath gel etc. I have found that I really like this bag from Samsonite. It fits in the overhead bin well and is light weight. Also, it helps me be frugal especially for shorter trips, not to check a bag.

2) Large purse that can double as tote for Ipad, etc-This is essential for me. I like having the security that if all my stuff won't fit in my suitcase, at least I can cram it in a large tote. I can also store my wallet, Ipad, phone etc and easily access in flight. I love this bag from Michael Kors.

I have this exact bag and it is so durable.

3) wipes-we all know that being in an airport brings with it ALL kind of nasty, particularly in winter and flu season. I don't leave home without some good quality wipes. These are also great for cleaning of any sort of gross stuff you might find in waiting areas or eating establishments en route. I prefer the natural stuff like these from Burt's Bees.

4) hand sanitizer-again, I don't think you can play it too safe here. Whether in the car or in the airport, you may encounter yucky bathrooms, particularly in gas stations. It is always best to have plenty of hand sani on hand. My husband and I both prefer Bath and Body Works because they have masculine and feminine scents that just make us both happy. They are also super cute.

5) Fuel Rod-I was introduced to these at Disney. When you are traveling, chances are you are using your phone for a lot. I love my IPhone X, but the battery life isn't always the best, particularly when I am using an app like My Disney Experience, Uber, etc. Fuel Rod provides a rechargeable portable charger that works great. At Disney World, they also provide charging stations if you need a plug in time midday.

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