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Mickey Sorcerer Sundae

This week we tried a new, slightly more technical, sundae. We got our inspiration from Dis Dining with this Mickey Sorcerer Sundae. This darling dessert showcases the wizard's hat Mickey dons in the famous "Sorcerer's Apprentice" from Fantasia. So, what did we need to make this magical ice cream creation?

We used...

  • brownie mix (We love the one from Aldi.)

  • waffle cones

  • Sprinkles (blue Jimmies and sparkle sugar for the cones and multicolored Jimmies for the ice cream)

  • blue food color

  • powder sugar

  • egg

  • hot fudge ice cream topping

  • vanilla ice cream

  • chocolate cookies for Mickey "ears"

  • store bought white frosting that we put into a bag to pipe on hat decorations

First things first, we needed to build our sundae base. My husband and I decided to do the base and the cones first because they really do require an adult and more importantly, two sets of hands to do them well.

The recipe said to use a "brownie cup pan." I know these exist, but does anyone REALLY have one of those in their kitchen?! We sure didn't, and I wasn't going to purchase one. We used a jumbo muffin pan and it worked great. We baked the brownies for about ten minutes.

Then, we took them out of the oven and scooped out the middles to make the cup shape.

We let them bake a few more minutes and then pulled them out to fully cool. They ended up looking really great!

YUM! Brownie cup base is done.

After we finished the brownie cups, I put them in a covered container until it was time to build the sundaes. Then, we started on the cones. You can read over the original recipe, but basically, we had to make a bright blue royal icing to roll the waffle cones in. I made the royal icing and my husband was going to roll the cones. We put some parchment on the counter to then roll them in the sprinkle coating.

It took a few attempts to figure out to roll the cones without getting blue royal icing everywhere.

Turns out, putting two fingers INSIDE of the cone really helps to coat it well without TOO much mess.

After the cones were properly BLUE, we rolled them in the Jimmies. As my husband rolled, I sprinkled them with the blue sugar crystals. They turned out really cute! I had to let them dry for about an hour. I did rotate them once, but they came off the parchment really easily when I put them into a container until sundae building time.

cone rolling area

When it was time to build our sundaes, the steps went as follows:

1) Put brownie cup into bowl

2) scoop ice cream into brownie cup (It took more than I expected to fill the cup and leave enough for the hat and cookie ears to sit on top of).

3) pour heated hot fudge topping on ice cream

4) put sprinkles on top of hot fudge if desired

5) top ice cream with sugar cone hat and decorate with white icing (We did stars and moons like Mickey's original wizard hat).

6) put two chocolate cookie ears

VOILA! Magic!!!! We all enjoyed this tasty and adorable treat; however, it was REALLY sweet. None of us could finish every element of the sundae. I did enjoy the brownie cup most and would definitely use it again for other ice cream desserts and creations.

We are very excited to debut some ORIGINAL sundae recipes next month, along with more copycats. Stay tuned for more ice cream magic :)

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