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Inside Out Themed Family Movie Night

I have been wanting to have a Disney themed movie night for ages. I asked the kids what movie they would be interested in focusing on, and we didn't really come to a consensus, but most of the ideas revolved around Pixar films. So, I went on Pinterest and found SO much inspiration. I was toying around with either Cars or Inside Out. I settled on Inside Out because I knew it was cute, relevant, and would be so fun to center a movie night around. I found a great starter idea on Pinterest. It was a really large menu, so I narrowed it down to a three course meal instead. We also decided to attempt costumes LOL It was a great thing to do to make our Friday night a little more fun (especially in quarantine).

We chose to try the blueberry brie, the broccoli cheese soup, and the PB Cookie Cups. I narrowed in on those because I knew we didn't need that much food, and I could easily handle making those three dishes. I did use the Made with Happy recipe for Baked brie (just by Googling the blog and looking up the recipe) and Picky Palate for dessert.

We chose to use a Panera Copycat recipe for the broccoli cheese soup because we had all really been craving it. It was an excellent recipe...and now I can't locate which blog I used :S I do remember that I searched Panera copycat broccoli cheese soup and there were lots to choose from.

I started the day by choosing my JOY inspired look for the dinner. I have never done any sort of "Disney bounding" before. For those who aren't familiar here is the definition of Disney bounding:

a way for people to show their love and appreciation for Disney and play dress up without actually wearing a costume --taking trendy clothes and basing the outfits after Disney characters. So, you are not wearing a costume per say. You are wearing an outfit inspired by the look, colors, etc of a Disney character or movie.

Joy-LOVE her energy and color scheme

I looked through my closet carefully. I love bright colors, and I was pleased to remember I had a cardigan that was just perfect. I also love Joy's blue hair; however, I tried on one blue hat I have and it just didn't work. Then I realized, I could go with BLUE MAKEUP! So, I did. My bright blue eye palette was my ode to Joy's awesome hair.

This was my best "JOY" face

I tried to encourage the rest of the family to do the same, and I was pleased 2 family members gave it a go! My husband channeled "Anger" and my stepdaughter was inspired by "Sadness." They looked so great and it brought such a fun energy to our night.

I moved on to dinner prep. All the food was delish. My only issue was, I didn't start the appetizer early enough, so we ended up eating it WITH dinner (which made for a highly CHEESY meal. But we aren't complaining, we are a Wisconsin dairy farming family after all) ha ha. I actually started with the broccoli cheese soup first because it took more time. Because I can't remember the exact recipe, I won't go into too much detail about it.

The brie with blueberries was very simple. Basically, you made a compote on the stove top with blueberries and honey. Then you poured that over the heated and melty Brie. We used pita chips with ours and it was so good.

"Sadness" Blueberry Brie

"Disgust" Broccoli Cheese soup-not disgusting at all!

We decided to wait and have our dessert after the movie. It was really fun to all gather into the family room and watch this movie together. As the kids in our home are getting older, they noticed that the movie was a lot more funny, clever, and touching than they ever realized as young kids.

We shared lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears watching the movie.

After the movie, we had a wonderful dessert. I have LOVED trying all of Picky Palate/Disney Hungry recipes during COVID. They have brought so much joy and happiness to our home. I know that I will continue trying more of these wonderful recipes. I also want to get her cookbook! For this dessert, we had peanut butter cookie cups. They are such a tasty and fun treat! You create this fun chocolate chip and M&M cookie cup, then fill it with peanut butter, topped with chocolate and another M&M!

JOY colors again!

This movie night was such a fun family experience. I can't wait to plan more in the future!

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