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Fairy Gardens

A few years ago, I attended a fairy garden workshop at a local garden center near my apartment. In the workshop, I learned about the aesthetics and textures of creating your own fairy garden. I have always been a sucker for anything whimsical and miniature, so fairy gardens are right up my alley. I love that they can be elaborate or simple and there are so many different styles. They bring joy and smiles to any space.

I also love that these can be created from SO many different materials. These are fun and frugal because you can reuse and re purpose so many different things you already have to create your own magical fairy garden.

I knew I had some old fairy garden decor that I wanted to re purpose. I also received some cute NEW fairy garden props in my Easter basket.

Mixed bag of fairy garden decor

I decided I did want to invest in the following before going to get my flat of flowers from our local garden shop:

  • bag of mini rocks-these add so much texture to your fairy garden. I love the natural look they give as well.

  • some new planters-I have tons of miscellaneous planters out in our garage, but the new fairy garden props I received for Easter had a lot of pastel colors. I wanted to accent that with some pink planters.

Next, I went to the garden shop in town to choose some flowers. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but knew I would like some color. I went with these petunias. You can really do any plant you want with fairy gardening. The mini succulents work great as does moss. Chuck and I like to buy big flats of flowers because we can also make our own porch pots and hanging baskets frugally!

After I chose my flower, my container, and which fairy props to use, I filled each container with some potting soil mix and planted 2-4 petunias in each. Then I inserted my fairy props. I finished each with some of the cute rocks. The rocks also make everything more stable as its not sitting on just potting soil alone.

We are still having some cool nights, so I decided to keep my fairy gardens inside for now. I went into the closet and rounded up some trays we already had to put these in the kitchen for the whole house to enjoy! Doing these was definitely a highlight to my day!

Fairy gardens are a creative and fun activity for kids of ALL AGES! :) We all need a little magic right now, why not create some yourself?

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