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Salt/Chalk art project

Today, I went back to the old faithful kids' activity book I got for free from the library castoff shelf. It is SUCH a fun little book.

BEAUTIFUL finished product

This was such a fun and simple activity. Here is the original instructions from said charming little activity book from the 1970s...

The only two things I had to buy for this were colored chalk and a set of bottles from Amazon...I also had get extra order to do the layers, you needed a lot more salt than I realized. You do have to use a glass container with a lid...but you could use anything you have in the house. I used a mini mason jar for mine!

Our supplies used were:

  • colored chalk

  • plastic cups and spoons (the spoons really helped to scoop the chalk/salt dust into the glass containers)

  • paper and paper towels

  • glass containers

  • salt (do NOT use Kosher...the granules are too thick and don't work well with the chalk..Trust me we tried it :)

So this is how the process worked:

1. We chose what color chalk we wanted. Then we dumped some salt onto a piece of paper or paper towel. After that, you simply take the piece of chalk and rub it onto the salt. Voila! Beautiful colored granules that look like BEAUTIFUL sand!

2. After we created our colored chalk, we carefully poured into our glass containers by either spooning it in (for narrow necked container) or putting the paper into a cone shape and letting it fall in). After the salt is in, DO NOT shake the container or you will lose the beautiful layers. Just let it settle.

Once we had the sand in, we just repeated our process for whatever patterns and colors we wanted to create. The kids went with more pastel looks, but I chose more bold colors inspired by Epcot, my favorite Disney park.

Each one turned out beautifully, and I think it will be a fun memento from this time. Plus, they bring in the bright colors of spring! Once the bottles were filled, we will leave them overnight to settle. If necessary, we can pour in some more salt in the morning.

Lucky charms marshmallow art

cotton candy art

Epcot inspired salt art

This is a great activity for kids of all ages! We really enjoyed it, and I am sure your family will too!

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