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Timon & Pumba inspired sundae

This week's sundae was actually a sundae on Monday due to a very busy weekend! I really enjoyed this little treat. It wasn't my favorite of all the ones we have tried so far, BUT it was an easy and fun dessert that is perfect after a weeknight dinner. It also looked really cute in the little mason jars.

So, where did I get this idea? I got an email from Dis Dining blog one day a few weeks ago with this recipe and immediately added it to our list. I was happy to see the ingredients and prep were really simple too. Here is a pic of the original sundae...

I looked over the list of ingredients and saw we needed the following:

  • vanilla and chocolate ice cream

  • Oreos

  • graham crackers

  • gummy worms

I realized the only Oreos I had on hand were the mini fudge dipped ones which are very tasty but don't crumble as well as the originals. I did have a bag of chocolate coconut granola from Aldi on hand that I thought would mix in well with the Oreos for a nice crunch. It turned out REALLY yummy and very dirt like! It kind of tasted like the cookie crunch layer in a Dairy Queen Ice cream cake.

This stuff is SO good!

Assembling these sundaes was EASY! The only thing was, I wish I had used slightly wider mouth mason jars. It was hard to stuff the ice cream in without making a huge mess. The portion sizes were perfect, but I would use a wider jar next time. My first step was smashing up the cookies.

I used a rolling pin to smash up the bag of mini Oreos and one sleeve of graham crackers. I did use one larger jar, as you can see above, for my husband's (we ran out of little ones). It actually worked much better to build and layer.

I also realized afterwards I should have crushed up the grahams much more finely so they would layer better. But, it still tasted great. We had a big tub of Neapolitan ice cream in the freezer and I used that because I didn't want to buy something else; however, having two separate flavor containers would have probably worked better to have the clean layers of chocolate and vanilla.

The first step was smashing a layer of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of the jar.

Then you top the vanilla layer with crushed graham crackers, which as I mentioned, would probably work best smashed very finely.

Next, a layer of chocolate ice cream went on top of the grahams, followed by the Oreo/granola topping and garnished with a gummy worm! Easy peasy!

this topping was my FAVORITE part of the sundae, very glad I added the chocolate granola

So cute! "Slimy, yet satisfying!"

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