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Pineapple Dole Whip Sundae-copycat

For this week's sundae on Sunday, we decided to attempt another parks sundae from Disney Food Blog. In preparation for the arrival of summer, what better way to celebrate than with pineapple! Everyone in our family LOVES Dole Whips, but in order to make this sundae, we also needed a nice base...which in this case was PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE.

original sundae from Disney Food Blog-Magic Kingdom treat!

I love this cake, but I hadn't ever made it before. I went to my go to...The Cake Mix Doctor. These cookbooks have NEVER done me wrong, and they are always simple. This particular book was from The Cake Doctor Returns. You can find the full recipe on her website, but I put pictures from the cookbook on this post too. I would highly recommend adding her cookbooks to a collection to any budding baker..I attribute her with teaching me how to properly make a cake!

I just LOVE HER RECIPES. She makes the simplest cake mix taste amazing. I knew we would have the perfect sundae base. My husband even commented that this sundae would definitely win the "best base" award for all our sundaes thus far.

Here's what I needed to make the base:

This was a very frugal cake. Most ingredients were very cheap or already in my pantry. It was also REALLY EASY. My kind of baking. You seriously dump everything in and let the oven do the magic.

pineapple is drained to go into cake and reserved juice used in cake batter-YUM

Here is my finished cake...gotta say I LOVED IT!


So... our base was done. Now to the ICE CREAM topping. We have made copycat Dole Whips many times in our home and always use this recipe from Six Sisters Stuff. You can also see it in print below. This is such an easy, fresh recipe. I know you can also buy the actual mix used in parks. We haven't done that yet, but I want to try it.

Here are my Dole Whip Ingredients: (not including the jar of cherries...I had those set out to garnish our sundaes). We also used a bag of frozen pineapple.

My hubby always whips up our Dole Whips in the blender. To be honest, we never let them freeze as suggested (even though that would give the perfect thick texture.) We are so excited to eat them we immediately pour, serve, and use a thick straw like these to eat. If we had frozen our Dole Whips longer, we probably would've had a better texture on top of the sundae, but again, we just wanted to chow down. We DID pour the mix into a gallon size bag with a star tip and piped on top of the sundae.

We were very happy with the flavors. The tart Dole Whip complemented the sweet cake base perfectly. All in all, we decided this wasn't our #1 for sundaes on Sunday (due to texture issues of Dole Whip), but it was still a very tasty and fresh summer treat!

finished product

I have been looking all over for plastic sundae dishes like these. It is so nice to have something clear so all the goodness can shine through. I FINALLY found some at Fleet Farm of all places, and I am so happy with them! I couldn't find a link, but if you have a Fleet Farm near you, check the seasonal area!

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