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Father's Day Strawberry Rhubarb Sundae

Last year we traveled to Canada. We were driving back to our hotel through the countryside and noticed a roadside ice cream stand. Of course we stopped! We were pleasantly surprised to discover they were selling strawberry rhubarb ice cream sundaes!

They were so tasty, and my husband and I agreed we would have to try them at home because we are both such big strawberry rhubarb fans. My husband requested them for Father's Day, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this dessert.

This is a very simple sundae in theory but we did add a few extra touches. Here is what you would need:

  • a good quality vanilla ice cream

  • fresh strawberries (which are in season here right now and AMAZING)-to top the sundae

  • fresh rhubarb (about 2 cups chopped)

  • cinnamon

  • sugar

  • strawberry jam or preserves

  • good quality granola for garnish

  • whipped cream for garnish

I perused Pinterest for what I thought looked like the best strawberry rhubarb ice cream sauce. Here's the one we used from a very fun blog called Celebrating Sweets.

Making the sauce was really simple. All we did was heat up sugar and chopped rhubarb...after it comes to a boil and simmers for ten minutes, you add the strawberry preserves and cinnamon. VERY tasty!

You can see below what the sauce looked like as it cooked. The red color was gorgeous! *It's not the best pic but it was the best I could get in process.* I can assure you it tasted GREAT!

We all agreed the whole sundae tasted like the yummy melted part of the bottom of a crumble or crisp with ice cream. I would highly recommend this treat for a fresh, frugal, easy dessert!

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