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Sundaes on MONDAY-Plaza Doughnut copycat

Sundaes on Sunday (or Monday as it was this week) is quickly becoming one of our favorite family traditions. This week, we took on more inspiration from the Disney Food blog by trying the Plaza ice cream shop (in the Magic Kingdom) doughnut sundae.

I gotta admit, I was a little unsure about the flavor combos in this one. I loved the idea of using a doughnut as the base, but this sundae also used apple pie filling, chocolate and caramel syrup, and peanut butter chips? I wasn't sure how all that would pair, but I was pleasantly surprised!

the original confectionary creation

So, what did we need to create this beauty? Again, this was a frugal one. All I needed to buy was a box of donuts and a can of apple pie filling.

For the sundae:

  • vanilla ice cream

  • donuts (We realized we should've gotten Krispy Kreme or Glazers from Kwik Trip as they wouldn't have been as cakey as the ones we picked up from our local little grocer. However, we heated the donut and the apple pie filling and it did taste awesome. I think I would just have preferred a slightly less cake like texture.)

  • can of apple pie filling-we didn't chop up the apples like in the original; I think I liked having the bigger pieces at the bottom.

For the topping/garnish-I am quickly realizing every great sundae has two main components, the base and the toppings. Each part does work equally to create the perfect result.

  • whipped cream

  • cherries

  • caramel sauce

  • chocolate syrup

  • mini chocolate chips

  • peanut butter chips (I think the chips give a bit of texture to the sundae, and I always like adding them).

donut and pie filling base-YUM

Here you can get a closer look at the original base.

And here is our finished product:

This was a decadent, yummy, beautiful sundae. All three of my step-kids said they liked it best of all the sundaes we have tried thus far which also surprised me slightly. I would say it was in my top 3. I would definitely use a doughnut/pie filling base for future sundaes, and I would like to branch out and maybe change up the flavor palate, say with chocolate or blueberries, but sticking to a fried, glazed doughnut instead of a cake doughnut.

Coming up next...a Pineapple upside down cake Dole Whip Sundae! Excited to keep trying these over the summer.

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