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Copycat Dollywood Cinnamon Bread

One of my FAVORITE travel destinations is Dollywood, Dolly Parton's theme park located in my home state of Tennessee. It is such a great theme park and it always reminds me of home. For those who haven't been...picture a smaller, Southerized Disney. It is quaint, charming, kitschy, and FUN. One of my favorite parts of any theme park is food, and Dollywood doesn't disappoint on offering some of the most amazing comfort foods. As you walk into one area of the park, you can smell the most delicious cinnamon aroma...CINNAMON BREAD! I just love that homey.

This legendary recipe is offered in one of my favorite cookbooks Dolly's Dixie Fixin's that I bought at the park years ago.

Recipe with my notes added!

I had attempted this recipe once before and loved that it uses FROZEN bread dough. Hello shortcut! But, I also noticed the bread needed to prove much longer than what the cookbook said. I know, I have been watching a lot of British Bake Off so I think I am an expert LOL

This time I knew I wanted to make cute mini loaves so I cut the 1 pound frozen bread dough (after thawing overnight in the fridge) into four parts. I made sure to cut the slits very deeply so all the buttery sugary goodness could go in while proving/baking.

Preparing to cut dough and dip in BUTTER

Cinnamon sugar is the best

I decided to let the dough prove outside since it was a nice sunny day. I just covered it in cling film and left it outside for an hour.

After proving, I baked per the instructions on convection bake for even cooking. Once loaves were out of the oven, I made the simple lemon powder sugar glaze and poured over the top of the warm loaves.


I decided it would be nice to share some loaves with neighbors. This is an easy, yummy recipe that makes me feel like I have been to Dollywood! It was also a hit with the family. Even better, I didn't have to go to the store to get anything for it. We had all the ingredients on hand! Fairy Tale Frugal indeed!

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