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Candy Sushi for kids

Today we tried out a fun "home ec/cooking with stepmom" activity--candy sushi! I have really enjoyed having the time during quarantine to peruse ALL my cookbook collection and find fun recipes to try. I have also enjoyed spending more time with bonus kids in the kitchen. So a little back story on this candy sushi...

Last fall, I was at Disney with my sister and nephews. I was strolling around the Epcot Food and Wine Festival and noticed there was a candy sushi class being offered for kids. I LOVE sushi, I love candy...I thought, "MUST TRY" several months later here we are and I am getting to experiment with it.

I have looked at some recipes on Pinterest, but settled on one I found in my stepkid's old Rachael Ray cookbook! We didn't need anything special for this, and I found all necessary ingredients at our little grocery store here in town.

the original recipe

I opted for rainbow Twizzlers and rainbow fruit rollups just to make things bright and colorful! My first step (which my stepdaughter did) was melting the marshmallows and butter. True confessions, we had the oven up a little too high and things caramelized FAST. But that's ok. We still got the sticky "sushi filling" we needed.

mallows and butter=YUM

After we melted the mallows and butter, we mixed in the rice cereal. Meanwhile, my other two bonus kids were rolling out the fruit rollups and cutting up the licorice filling.

This is where things got interesting :D We had some debate among ourselves if the instructions meant we were supposed to roll up little mini rolls or roll up ONE GIANT CANDY ROLL. We opted for one giant roll and made one mini one just to see.

Because we had slightly overcooked our rice cereal filler, it wasn't as malleable as I would have hoped, and as we all know, rolling up ANYTHING in baking is tricky stuff. (i.e. pumpkin rolls, Swiss rolls, etc). This was great practice for all of us! My stepdaughter bravely volunteered to roll up our giant roll. We also wondered about the exact placement of where the cereal and Twizzlers should go in the roll as the instructions were slightly ambiguous. However, I like this discussion in the kitchen with kids because I think it hones their problem solving skills. #quarantineeducation

After we made the giant roll (which I didn't photograph because let's just say it was "rustic" :) We had to get a very sharp knife wet in hot water to slice cleanly. It really turned out cute, and while I am not a huge fruit flavor treat person, this had a fun "fruity pebble" taste. The kids liked it! I told them, "It's 8:30 am, this has cereal, basically breakfast right?!" LOL

I know I have seen other candy and fruit sushi recipes on Pinterest and I would love to try those now! Happy baking y'all!

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