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Mystery trip carry on contents revealed!

Two weeks until Chuck and I head to our mystery location! I am thinking about how I can fit everything into my carry on since we will only be gone for two nights and three days. I really don't want to check a big bag, even though I might do some shopping :) As I am considering what I really need to pack and what should stay home.

Although I am not revealing our destination until we arrive, maybe these clues of what is going in my carry on will help give some hints? If you are interested in buying any for your upcoming trips, everything is linked :)

1. oversize sunglasses like these ones from Jessica Simpson. These will make you look chic, guard your eyes from the sun, AND serve to keep your face covered if you want to travel incognito or sans makeup.

2. A Pashmina scarf. I love these brightly colored ones. These are great because en route you can use it as a blanket; however, upon arrival they dress up any outfit and give a Parisian flair to a casual outfit.

3. Rosebud salve-my lips are always dry on flights and in places with a colder climate, like Wisconsin (where I live) or any colder destination. This product hydrates, moisturizes, AND gives your lips a natural rosy glow. Can't go wrong!

4. A healthyish snack-we all know airports can be chocked full of junk food. I try to bring something along that can feel indulgent, kind of a treat, this is vacation after all, but will curb my cravings for Cinnabon or Starbucks sugar bomb drinks etc. I really love these Bark Thins . They are the PERFECT blend of salty and sweet and made with satisfying dark chocolate.

5. The perfect Chelsea boot-when I lived in London, I discovered that it was essential to be comfortable and stylish when doing a lot of walking. My husband got me the perfect Doc Marten's Chelsea boot as an anniversary gift this year. These shoes will get me around our destination in style and comfort. They are also lined which is great for late winter temps.

6. A good red lipstick-takes me from drab to fab in an instant and dresses up any outfit. Red lips also look REALLY good in pictures. It is one of my style signatures. I love this choice from Rimmel. It lasts a long time and is very affordable.

Good luck guessing everyone! :)

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