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My life in travel part 1

Until we reveal our MYSTERY destination for next month's upcoming trip, I thought it would be good to a little blog series called "My Life in Travel." I realized looking back that travel has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl!

(see image below of little Mousekateer Lara!)

In thinking back to my early childhood, our trips primarily centered around a few, but fabulous, locations. I didn't even travel on a plane until I was 18, but that's another blog for another time :) I grew up in East Tennessee, so we would pack the car and head to all kinds of fun locations and road trips. My parents modeled generosity and abundance in travel, and I love that example.

  • North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-If you haven't been here...GO. You can find super affordable flights, it is very pretty, family friendly, and there are so many fun places to stay (condos, oceanfront hotels, houses, resorts). The seafood is WONDERFUL. I have the happiest memories of beach walks, shelling, fried shrimp, lounging by the pool or ocean, and seeing the pier. This is a wonderful place to cook in your room as well if you are trying to save by not going out to eat.

  • Charleston, SC-Chuck and I went back here last year to celebrate our one year anniversary. It is the quintessential city for history, architecture, southern cuisine, and southern charm. I would go back there yearly if I could.

  • We lived near Knoxville and therefore the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park #blessed and also the mecca of the south, Dollywood (Dolly Parton's charming and endearing theme park). If we needed a weekend trip, we could do it SO easily with such fun spots like Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg nearby.

  • Florida-my sister and I both received trips to Disney at age 4 and age 8. Those trips started a love in me for the imagination, wonder, and magic of Walt Disney World. To this day, it is one of my favorite destinations in the US.

  • Fall Trips-Western North Carolina was a great spot for this. The beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the charm of towns like Asheville, Boone, or Blowing Rock. Give us a B&B or a little country inn with fall foliage and we were set. I think these trips ignited my love for quaint, rustic, hygge places like B&B's and cabins...fireplaces, candles, warm drinks, fall cozy. I am IN.

So, these were not luxury or long distance trips...but they WERE warm, fun, bonding, wonderful memories. They ignited a love in me to see the world, to appreciate beauty near and far, and to see the joy of a good road trip. Most importantly, they taught me that travel BONDS us. Travel creates memories and experiences that are SO much better than stuff! For this reason, Chuck and I lead our family in the same way. We would rather take our family on a trip or experience any day versus buying more stuff we don't need.

As I create this blog, I hope to create many more memories to come!

My early years at WDW (below)

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