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Ice Cream Nachos-Disneyland copycat

We took a little break from "sundaes on Sunday" due to the 4th of July holiday, but we were BACK this weekend with another copycat hit! Thanks to the Disney food blog, we were given more inspiration to try this magical recipe at home. This ice cream treat idea floated through my inbox a few weeks ago, and I knew it looked like something my family would love.

The recipe can be found at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe restaurant in Frontierland.

We already had all the ingredients to make this beauty, and it turned out really nicely. Here's what we used:

  • mint chocolate chip ice cream

  • strawberry ice cream

  • cookies and cream ice cream (you can really use whichever ice cream you prefer, but we chose things that we thought would pair nicely with hot fudge which is like the "nacho cheese" of this dessert)

  • whipped topping

  • chocolate chips

  • hot fudge sauce

  • cherries

  • waffle cones-you could use whatever variety of these you like, but I liked breaking apart the waffle cone bowls because they really broke into nice "chip" shapes

our ice cream selections-go BIG or go home :)

Our first step was to break up the waffle cones into our chips or base.

Next, we poured the melted hot fudge topping on top. You could make your own or go the easy route like we did with the in store purchased microwave stuff. It worked great.

Next, we added our nacho topping--ICE CREAM! We found we needed to get out several scoops to really make a nice, full looking bowl.

Then we added our toppings of whipped cream, chocolate chips, and cherries. It took maybe 5 minutes to assemble this very impressive looking dessert.

I let the ice cream soften just a bit before trying out a cone piece to dip. It was SO good! We called the kids up and EVERYONE loved this treat! It was probably gone in less than 5 minutes :)

Tomorrow, I am leaving for ten days to travel to TN and NC to visit with my family for a long overdue trip. I am not sure when our next Sunday on sundae will be, but I am sure I will enjoy some ice cream treats on my vacation which I look forward to sharing!

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